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The first choice for entrance doors, with excellent thermal insulation values ​​for maximum energy efficiency, enhanced level of security and design that makes it ideal for industrial and residential buildings.


  • New low energy standards with the aluminum entry system GV42000 with polyamide insulation 32 mm.
  • cross-section thickness 2 mm, total width 85 mm profile and leaf abutment face 146 mm.
  • Ability to build long-leaf openings to 200 kg single-ply or two-ply due to the very strong profile.
  • Maximum thermal insulation performance due to the polyamide thermal of 32mm and EPDM rubber gaskets.
  • Main disposal of system with 3 part, heavy type hinges for leaf load up to 300kgr.
  • 3 point locking system with hidden external cylinder.
  • Floor seal with no or low threshold 15 mm.

Optional accessories equipment. May have, depending on the needs of the building, heavy type (200 kg) hidden hinges, with leaf opening 180 degrees. Auto 5-points lock WK3 class with the possibility for electric traction of remote key command, or even handle option with hidden fingerprint openable with fingerprint identification.