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VOMVOLAKIS, innovative aluminum creations successfully has been manufacturing sophisticated solutions and innovative metal frames since 1935!

Originally, steel as basic raw material were used for making frames and then first started the use of aluminum (1970) and now continues with the use of more sophisticated materials.

In 2008, the Design Department started operations within the company to design special systems called GV. In recent years the company produces annually and installs about 3,000 frames, solely driven by quality and innovation.

Meanwhile, the annual turnover concerns only 20% of regular customers (construction companies) while the remaining 80% are private customers who completely satisfied; also recommend and this creating a potential increase of 80% for the following year.

In conclusion, the basic foundation of the company is private clientele who continually recommend new customers based on the quality of our creations.

Our History

1935 – Establishment of company from John Vomvolaki

1970 – Pioneers in the use of aluminum windows and doors

1972 – Cooperation with the French company Tecknal

1987 – Construction of new alloy systems with mechanisms open/slant

1998 – Transfer of Company to son George Vomvolaki

1999 – Installation of new cutting equipment and the creation of new software by G. Vomvolaki for the operation of the laboratory

1999 – Beginning of cooperation with Alumil and use of thermal break systems and systems with stainless steel sliding guides

2002 – Completion of major program of investment and operation of CNC machine tools (cutting center and machining center 3-axis)

2003 – Installation of software for production and software design processes. Installation of new staple line for thermal break profiles

2004 – Exclusive cooperation with the German company Schuco

2005 – Exclusive cooperation with the German company Wicona and the French Tecknal

2007 – Replacement of the 3axle machining center with 4axle

2008 – Design Department operation and factory being certified with ISO 9001

2009 – Creation of 400 m2 exhibition space. Final design phase for the GV Systems

2010 – Successful certification of 2 GV systems from the German institute IFT Rosenheim and the initial selling of GV systems

2010 – Expansion of cooperation with the Schuco in the field of photovoltaic systems. Construction of innovative 80kW park

2011 – Exclusive cooperation with Berloni kitchen furniture and the operation of 200 m2 showroom

2011 – Design and construction of a new remote controlled pergola system

2012 – Completion of the investment for the manufacture of special aluminum panels and frame construction with synthetic systems from Schüco

Our Vision

Our main goal is to preserve the always positive rate of change of company expansion, that has been creatively won all these years. The data, for example, is the increase in customers and therefore increase in jobs which lead to increased turnover. These are communicating vessels which are heavily dependent on innovation and quality. In the past we developed new ideas but did not continue to follow them, and this is what we should continue to do: to break stereotypes, for example, in 1998 we worked for the first time a thermal profile and then in 2003 installed a staples line for these profiles – it was madness for the time but this is a necessary action.

Now as manufacturers, we design systems to liberate the needs of scholars and architects, custom design that is barrier free of any agents. It is a very difficult task for these times, but will be a necessity in the coming years. So we will continue regardless of what happens around us, to guard our small world and win little things every day without stopping, in order to arrive every day, a little bit closer to perfection!

Frederick Henry Royce: perfection consists of little things but perfection is no small thing!


For GV ompany, extroversion is not a pursuit, but grounded practice. The confirmation of the philosophy of GV was coming steadily from the day of its own production systems in 2010: start exports to Sweden and Romania in 2012 and continued growth at a rate higher than 22% per year. Steady and substantial rise in sales and measured profitability.

Continuous investment in product / service technology to be strong across the respective international and domestic competitors. Given our export business standardization, packaging and shipping process of our products ensuring their transfer safely to its final destination.

Our Certificates