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The GV rolling system with hidden box, has adopted the two latest and most advanced practices in the development of these systems, with plastic boxes of heat cells and the most modern polystyrene with steel reinforcement. The thermal insulating roll systems GV200 KAI GV300PLUS, can be visited from below, so that the architect can hide, incorporating them in masonry for perfect aesthetic result that does not affect the proportions of the frame.

  • The GV200 rolling system can be applied to all structures. It consists of 200 mm thermal insulating box of heat cells of PVC and is accessible from the bottom. Thus it is possible to coat the box in and out by simply painting or with a structural material or a polystyrene. If the customer wants it to be seen, it has an aluminum cover.
  • The GV300PLUS rolling system is recent German innovation. It consists of 300 mm box of polystyrene and implanted steel. It has a λ factor of 0.3 and is the latest in insulation. It is ideal for use in buildings with facade polystyrene and coated with ready plaster. Also here, the profile of the GV system, is accessible from below, resulting in perfect aesthetics, since the client does not see the box. Both systems are compatible with all typologies of mosquito screen systems.