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The GV3900 system is the leading thermal insulation system for manufacture Tilt & Turn doors or windows combined easily with fixed or sliding parts.


  • The system cross-section is 2mm and the outside portion of the leaf which holds the glass is reinforced with two chambers as opposed to it’ s short face, to achieve the maximum moment of inertia of the profile.
  • The thermal coefficient of the system is the lowest in the European market in 39 mm insulation category. This is achieved thanks to the continuous polyamide thermal insulation of 39mm on the vertical axis in combination with EPDM rubber, and the innovative design of the leaf that has the smallest face of not hidden-sash system in the European market.
  • This shorter face is just 95 mm dimension encountered also in sliding GV24000 systems. By this size, therefore, is achieved most glass, the maximum thermal and harmony in the frames as next to a sliding system there may be an openable and their frames will remain same. The latter is an innovation that cannot be found in any frame in Europe.
  • The components of equipment covers all requirements in both aesthetic and technical possibilities. More particularly, the Tilt & Turn mechanisms can lift leaf up to 160kg and, in addition to their basic version in visible hinges, applying concealed can be requested.